New Zealand Bank BSB / Clearing Code

New Zealand Bank BSB / Clearing Code

In New Zeland BSB / Clearing Code is a six digits numerical code used to identify individual branch of a Bank / Financial institution.

The first 2 digits indicate the bank and remaining 4 digits indicating the branch. All digits, along with the seven-digit account number and two or three digit suffix, are required for all wire transfers regardless of whether the transfer in intra-bank or interbank.

In New Zealand, Bank Codes are coordinated by Payments NZ who administer the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS)


Bank Account Number is like AA BBBB CCCCCCC DD(D):

  • AA = Two digits Bank Number
  • BBBB = Four digits Branch Number
  • CCCCCCC = Seven digits Account Number
  • DD(D) = Tow / Three digits Account Suffix
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